Eco-Tourism Consultancy

KTI provides technical advice for both private and local government units in planning, executing and managing eco-tourism. Programs appropriate for the area based on sound environmental practices. In planning, due consideration is made to ensure the viability of the programs in terms of providing the least impact on the environment; sustaining the interest and mobilization of communities as partners; and creating alternative livelihood for the community members

We start by assisting the interested groups determine their need related to eco-tourism.  Accompany them in ocular surveys and dialogues with the community members and training of the community on guideship skills and self-management.  We also provide support in defining sustainable marketing schemes for the interest groups to adopt. Part of the package is the regular monitoring of the program and facilitating discussion groups to underline lessons and agreements that will ultimately enhance the program.

Eco-tourism consultancy is also offered to private entities who want to develop their private properties such as resorts camping facilities and real estate areas for eco-tourism.