Kampo Trexo Incorporated (Treks and Expeditions Outfitters) is one of the few outdoor adventure recreation outfitters in the Philippines providing a variety of services – OUTDOOR RECREATION, CORPORATE OUTDOOR TEAMBUILDINGMOUNTAIN GUIDING, OUTDOOR EVENTS MANAGEMENT, ECO TOURISM CONSULTANCY and ADVENTURE TOURS.

The people behind KTI are some of the country’s most experienced and respected outdoorsmen who have pioneered in mountaineering and backpacking in the Philippines. Our officers and facilitators are recognized outdoor recreation educators and trainers, teaching courses in camping and outdoor recreation.

Years of experience combined with new techniques, customized programs, innovative amenities, and choice equipment, assure you of our utmost service.  Be it a teambuilding training, or a much needed vacation and escape from the city, we commit to provide you with a different  kind of learning experience as we bring you back to nature.


Eco-tourism, adventure travel or any outdoor pursuit involves facing the forces of nature. Kampo Trexo, Incorporated (KTI) recognizes that the three basic elements for the successful facilitation of outdoor recreational activities are SAFETY, QUALITY OF EXPERIENCE and the ACHIEVEMENT OF OUR CLIENTS OBJECTIVES.

KTI believes that the business of outfitting outdoor adventure travel and its related pursuits are hinged on the social responsibility of upholding sound environmental practices. This is our own way of contributing to the urgent call for the conservation and protection of our dwindling natural resources and threatened cultural artifacts.

We adhere to the practice of eco-tourism in its purest form. We espouse that the enjoyment and recreation derived from visiting our country’s natural, historical, and cultural attractions should be environmentally friendly, culturally sensitive and free from commercial tourism intervention. We design our eco-tours and adventure travel packages to create the least impact on the environment. We also make sure that the communities in the immediate vicinity benefit from the practice of our activities both economically and socially.

Our outfitting services for backpacking, trekking and camping underline the principles of “leaving no trace” and responsible use of our outdoor recreational areas. It is our share in the campaign to educate our people in nurturing the appropriate attitude on proper care and proper waste disposal in order to protect our environment.